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After years of frustration with the Gov.my wife was able in the shortest period of time receive without question her needed documents.Not only a professional firm in handling every aspect,but we found good friends in the process,THEY GOT IF DONE. We would highly recommend MARK and saff for your legal needs

They get it done

- Gordon K.

Mr. Mark is certainly an expert with Contracts. He reviewed my employment contract and found several items that the hospital had forgot to include. He negotiated on my behalf and now all is well. I'm glad I used him and I recommend him to all my friends.

Best Guidance

- Bob C.

They took care of creating and filing all my state and federal documents. They made it real easy for me to just do my job while they took care of everything legal that I needed. A great place.

did all the paperwork

Joey H.

Mr. Nobles has taken care of several legal matters for me in a prompt and professional manner. Always quick to respond and easy to talk to.

Would highly recommend.

Jason K.

Mr. Nobles works very hard for his clients, he was very thorough and gave me excellent advice. His staff was courteous and very quick to respond to any queries.

Very professional and responsive

- Rahul P.

Mr. Nobles and his staff were very professional, courteous, and timely in their handling of a real estate contractual legal matter. I would highly recommend his firm for legal consultation and representation.

knowledgable experience

Andy E.

Nobles Law is a very professional firm. They do all the work for our business from reviewing/writing contracts to litigation. We are very pleased with the work they do. Exceptional staff and very initiative to our needs.

Highly recommend Mark and his staff

- Brad's Pool Shop S.

Mr. Nobles and his staff helped my wife every step of the way in obtaining her legal resident status. When we approached Mr. Nobles, he assured us that he would walk us through every step necessary for my wife to apply for residency. They not only filled out the forms we needed for USCIS, but Mr. Nobles and his staff were very friendly and made the process very easy for us. After the forms were filed, they were quickly reviewed by the government and we were given our office visit date within 2 months. The office visit only lasted about 5 minutes and my wife was officially granted legal residency status instantly. I feel we couldn't have been so successful without the help of Mr. Nobles. Thank you!!

Great service! They helped with our immigration needs

- Jeremy H.

Mark Nobles is a man of integrity with experience, who has an exceptional knowledge of the law,an outstanding attorney who is capable, meticulous, and diligent. He is a straight-talker who will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know. I highly recommend him.

An Attorney that you can trust!!

- Carolina B.

I was at a loss as to how to get my wife and family into the U.S. legally. Mr. Nobles took care of everything and now family and I are all legally in the USA.

Mr. Nobles was great in getting us in US

Terry C.

Used their services on two different occasions and absolutely loved it. Free consultation that was very accurate and keeping my interest at heart and not trying to bill me outrageously. Attorneys were very knowledgeable about the subject matter and court procedures. Kept me in the loop with all developments in my case. Would highly recommend to anyone without a second thought.

Would highly recommend

- Mac K.